Tracking the market..
is no more tiring!


Price Alert

Now no more checking stock prices every now and then. Just set alerts and get real time alerts.

BSE Announcements

Following a particular stock? Don’t miss any events, receive instant announcements directly from BSE exchange.


Get to know which stocks opened gapped up, gapped down.
Also, filter stocks based on their positive and negtive percentage change.

How It Works ?


Tracking the market constantly has always been tiring for traders and investors alike. They tend to keep visiting different websites throughout the day to track stock prices and happenings in the market. In absence of any instant alert mechanism all at one place, traders spend a considerable time and effort in just tracking the market. This time can be well spent in analysis, thereafter deciding whether to buy, sell or retain.

At MarketATP, we make this tiring job easier for you. Now you needn’t open multiple websites and keep checking them every now and then. Just subscribe to the stocks you want to keep a track of and we bring the right information at the right time, all at one place. MarketATP scans through various sources and trigger instant alerts. Even a delay of 60 seconds can change the game and we make sure our users always stay ahead in the game, our alerts are most instant in the market.


  • 1 is it free?
    No, we have paid plans. However, you can always use MarketATP till a certain limit for free. You can always get started for free!
  • 2 how do I get alerts?
    For price alerts, you get notifications by mail and for index, sector and BSE announcements, you get alerts by push notifications on both mobile and PC.
  • 3 How many stocks can I add?
    You can add unlimited number of stocks for both price and announcement alert.
  • 4 Do price alerts get cancelled by the end of the day?
    No, it doesn't automatically get cancelled by the end of the day unless you choose the option for that. You can set it once and it remains there unless your stock doesn't achieve that target price.
  • 5 Can price alert be set on all exchanges?
    Yes, you can set price alerts on any stock on any exchange.
  • 6 What can the scanner do?
    The scanner can tell you which stock opened gap up and gap down under all Nifty 500 stocks. You can also filter stocks based on their percentage change under all Nifty 500 stocks. Except for Nifty 500, Nifty 50, Nifty midcap 50, Nifty next 50, Nifty smallcap 50 are also there.

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